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Title: Records About Civil War Battle Sites, created, 1990 - 1993, documenting the period 4/12/1861 - 5/13/1865
Creator: Civil War Sites Advisory Commission. (1990 - 10/1993). (Most Recent)
Type of Archival Materials: Data Files
Textual Records
Level of Description: Series from Record Group 48: Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior
Other Titles: Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Database, 1991-1993
Location: National Archives at College Park - Electronic Records, National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD, 20740-6001. PHONE: 301-837-0470; FAX: 301-837-3574; EMAIL:
Inclusive Dates: 1990 - 1993
Coverage Dates: 4/12/1861 - 5/13/1865
Date Note: The Civil War Sites Advisory Commission evaluated Civil War historical sites during the period 1990-1993. However, the historic sites examined by the commission all date to the period 1861-1865.
Part of: Record Group 48: Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior
Function and Use: The Civil War Sites Advisory Commission created this database to support its congressional mandate to identify Civil War battlefields, determine their historic significance, assess short- and long-term threats to their integrity, and propose new ideas about their preservation and interpretation. The Commission intended the recommendations to be used as the basis for legislative proposals in the area of battlefield preservation.
Scope & Content Note: The Civil War Sites Advisory Commission data files contain information relating to battlefields of the American Civil War, 1861-1865. Four data files compose this series: Events, Counties, Campaign, and Theater files. The Events file is the primary data file. Of 10,500 armed conflicts in the military history of the Civil War, the file contains information on 384 conflicts that the Commission identified as the principal battles. Each record identifies the following information: state and county or counties of the historic site, the type of battle or event that occurred there, the theater of operations and the campaign to which the engagement relates, the dates of the battle or event, the current ownership of the site, and the assessment of three subject area experts of the military significance, physical integrity, historic preservation status, and interpretive potential of the site or event, and whether it should be a priority for protection of cultural property. The records of the Counties file identify the county location(s) of each battlefield and are linked to the Events file by a common battlefield reference number. The records of the Campaign file include a code for each of 116 campaigns and provide its name, dates, and a ranking of the military importance of the campaign's battle events. The records of the Campaign file are linked by the campaign code to the records in the Events file. The Theater file records identify five designated Civil War theaters of operation and are linked to the Events file by a theater code.
Access Restrictions: Unrestricted
General Note: The Commission transferred four files to NARA. However, two of the files are used as code tables in the main file, the Events data file. Therefore, only two of the data files, the Events and Counties files, are available online.
Finding Aid Type: Technical Information
Finding Aid Source: NARA and Civil War Sites Advisory Commission
Finding Aid Note: There are 13 pages of paper documentation.
Extent: 4 data files, 1 electronic documentation file, and 13 pages of paper documentation
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    American Civil War, 1861-1865
Historic preservation
Historic sites

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