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Public and Private Sector Work Stoppages Historical File, 1953-1981, 1953 - 1981 (Private and Public Sector, 1953-1981) (info) Search
Public and Private Sector Work Stoppages Historical File, 1953-1981, 1953 - 1981 (Public Sector, 1978-1981) (info) Search
Title: Records About Worker-Initiated Strikes and Employer-Initiated Lockouts, created, 1953 - 1981, documenting the period 1953 - 1981
Creator: Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Office of Wages and Industrial Relations. Division of Labor Management Relations. (Most Recent)
Type of Archival Materials: Data Files
Textual Records
Level of Description: Series from Record Group 257: Records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Other Titles: Work Stoppages Historical File
Location: National Archives at College Park - Electronic Records, National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD, 20740-6001. PHONE: 301-837-0470; FAX: 301-837-3574; EMAIL: cer@nara.gov
Inclusive Dates: 1953 - 1981
Coverage Dates: 1953 - 1981
Part of: Record Group 257: Records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Function and Use: These records were collected to provide statistics on work stoppages. The data were compiled and published each year.
Scope & Content Note: This series contains records of worker-initiated strikes and lockouts of workers by their employers that involved six workers or more and continued for the equivalent of a full day or shift or longer. The agency did not attempt to distinguish between strikes and lockouts and referred to both collectively as "work stoppages." Information includes data collected through available news sources and verified by the parties where possible. Information was regularly received from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and state labor-related agencies. Each record is a work stoppage case with a unique case number made up of the year in which the stoppage began, the month in which the stoppage began, and the stoppage number within the month. Other information on the records includes: number of workers idle, days idle, industry, labor union, state, standard metropolitan area (SMSA), major issues, mediation, settlement of stoppage code, method of terminating disputes, and standard industrial classification code.
Access Restrictions: Unrestricted
General Note: For AAD resource purposes, the single file is treated as two sets of records to reflect the two record layouts. One record layout, Public Sector Work Stoppages Historical Records, 1978 - 1981, contains public sector strikes only. The Private and Public Sector Work Stoppages Historical Records contain private and public strikes for 1953 - 1977 but only private sector for 1978 - 1981.
Because codes changed over time and for other reasons, very few code tables are available in the AAD resource. Consequently, understanding the meaning of coded values will require a careful reading of the NARA Notes and of the scanned documentation.
Finding Aid Type: Technical Information
Finding Aid Source: NARA and Bureau of Labor Statistics
Extent: 1 data file and 1 linear inch of documentation
Index Terms
  Subjects Represented in the Archival Material
Labor unions
Standard industrial classification
Strikes and lockouts
  Contributors to the Authorship and/or Production of the Archival Materials
    Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. (1947- ), Originator

The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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