Technical Information

Series: Data Files Relating to the Immigration of Germans to the United States, created ca. 1977 - 2002, documenting the period 1850 - 1897. - Collection CIR

There are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for each AAD series; they are repeated at the file-level. They are in the final section or may be the only section in a "FAQs and Technical Information" package. The FAQs will be the only section in the package at the series-level when a series has more than one file and each file has unique Technical Information OR when NARA has not scanned any series-level or file-level Technical Information.

Technical Information packages are NARA-created compilations of text-based materials needed to understand a series or file unit. You will find here sections of scanned extracts from a series or file-level technical information package when it contains more information about the series or file unit than what is in the AAD code lists, the field-level notes, or the series or file descriptions. This material does not provide additional information about the subjects of any of the records. Copies of full series or file-level technical information packages can be ordered or are available for review at the National Archives at College Park.

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